La Paz this and that

On the night bus from Potosí to La Paz (9 hours), my toes froze. It was like trying to separate frozen surimi sticks from each other, difference was that I was already wearing 2 pairs of thick socks. Cable car everyday Havn’t read much about La Paz, I was shocked to see that they use […]

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Getting Hospitalized in Potosi

Road to Po~to~siiii When we stepped out of the taxi in Sucre terminal, a lady ran to us and wished to sell us the bus ticket to Potosi. The competition is fierce because 5 other ticket ladies were also there in no time and screamed PO~TO~SIIII~~~. Hoping to catch a shared taxi before 10am (one […]

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Samaipata – Sucre Bus Ride

This bus ride is not bad at all, unlike many stories that were told on line. There is not enough drama to deserve an own post about it. But I wrote one anyway. Our travel agent reserved the tickets for us on the day of departure. The original plan was to depart at 9pm so […]

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