Baños in the Baños in Baños

OK, so the word baños has a number of different meanings in Spanish. The most common use is for bathrooms/toilets. So when you urgently have to pee, you ask for the baños. It is also used to refer to recreational and medical bathing facilities, spas and resorts, usually centered around some natural hot springs. And, […]

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Cute Llamas and Ecuadorian Ceviche

As the first city that I explored in Ecuador, Cuenca does give a good impression, at least in the historic center, which is also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Not repeating after Roman, I just want to point out that the traffic condition is significantly better than in Peru: drivers follow the lights, […]

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Mud and Blood in Trujillo

Another stop on the way north towards Ecuador was the city of Trujillo. Personally founded by Francisco Pizarro (yes, the unpleasant asshole who murdered all those Incas), it is named after his hometown in Spain. The Basilica Menor de Trujillo is quite pretty. The Plaza de Armas has recently been redesigned and looks very new […]

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Suprema Maritima Lima

Altogether five nights in Peru’s 10 million inhabitants capital .. that’s quite a while. What have we seen and experienced in this former center of the entire Spanish American colonial empire? Here’s some snapshots to get an idea. In Lima’s colonial historic center, in which once the Spanish viceroys resided and ruled over almost the […]

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Salkantay Trek 3/3: Machu Picchu

Most of days 4 and 5 of our trip were dedicated to finally getting to Machu Picchu, visiting the site, and getting back to Cusco from there. Sounds easy and straightforward, but if you’re not doing the expensive train and bus combination, it’s still quite an effort. Our last breakfast as a group was dominated […]

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Salkantay Trek 2/3: The Jungle

The second night was in a camp even better shielded from the surroundings than the first one. This time we had our tents in some kind of half open wood house in the upper floor, which means you’re also safe from most animals on the ground. We still got up super early in the morning […]

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Salkantay Trek 1/3: The Mountain

OK guys, here it finally comes: our hiking trip to Machu Picchu via the Salkantay mountain range. It was 5 days altogether, so splitting it up into three parts sounds fair, right?! Apart from the nice experience of hiking through that incredible mountain landscape around Machu Picchu, doing this trip also had very simple economic […]

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Rainbow Mountain

The rainbow mountain, or by its real name: Vinicunca, is a good example of how quickly touristic trends and destinations can develop. Until about 2015, almost no Peru tourist had even heard of this place. And only since 2016, some regular tours are being offered to go there and hike up to see it. All […]

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Inca Ruins, Lots of Inca Ruins

OK, I know, everyone’s thinking of Machu Picchu now, but this post is about the large variety of other Inca ruins around Cusco, in the so called Sacred Valley and beyond. Those shown here we did in two days, the first 4 sites on foot and by local minibus, the rest as part of a […]

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I Love Cusco (2/2) The Markets

So part 1 of this blog post about Cusco focused on pretty much everything except the colorful, lively markets. That’s what this second part is about. One of the very busy, local market streets. More (much more) of the dried, sweetened pasta snacks (at the back), as well as popcorn made from some huge corn […]

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I Love Cusco (1/2) The City

After we’ve already spent an entire week here in Cusco, it’s probably time to write about it. 🙂 Well, the short version is: I love Cusco! It’s just the right mix of everything to be an amazing travel location. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t really imagine living here: OK, it’s beautiful, but it’s also […]

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Edward Leung

Edward Leung, a key figure in the “independence movement” in Hong Kong, got sentenced to 6 years today for his involvement in the so-called Fish Ball Revolution in 2016. The crime he is said to have committed, is rioting and assaulting police officer. This rioting law was established after pro-PRC leftists/communists set off bombs and […]

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