Long Way Home

It is literally, a long way. On a good Monday morning, we left out home in Heredia and headed to the airport. Before that we had already seen our flight marked as “cancelled” but well, we still need to go there. After all the dramatic farewell and hugs with my relatives at the airport, our […]

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Boat Trip to Isla del Rosario

The trip to Isla del Rosario from Cartagena is shit, but we managed to have fun. I will not recommend anyone to go but for now, let’s go for a ride! After securing a deal for 55,000COP per person the day before, we gathered at the pier at around 8am and waited another hour for […]

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Botero Botero Botero

Visiting the Museums and see the original paintings by Colombian artist Fernando Botero (Medellín, 1932- ) is definitely one of the most amazing things to do in South America. I have never expected the original paintings to be so big, so intimidating, and so fun to explore the tiny details in every single piece of […]

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