This is a blog of two people doing a trip around the world in 2018, with a strong focus on South America. Yes, we know, there’s thousands of such blogs already somewhere on the internet. But this one is ours. Our trip, our blog. Enjoy reading. Or don’t, up to you. :-p

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Here’s a short Q&A:

Q: Why is the blog in English when neither of you speaks it as their mother tongue, nor do most of your friends?

A: The alternative would’ve been to do it in German and Chinese. Either side couldn’t have read the other side’s posts then, and friends from other countries speaking neither of those languages couldn’t read anything at all. This seems to be the best compromise.

Q: Why do you use WordPress.com instead of hosting the website on your own server like you used to do on previous trips?

A: In the end we were simply running out of time to set up a functioning site on my own webspace. Paired with a fair deal of laziness, the only logical conclusion was to go for a standard free WordPress blog with a standard free design on WordPress.com.

Q: Is .gif pronounced as giff or jiff?

A: Stupid question, of course it’s giff! The g stands for ‘graphics’, not for ‘jraphics’! … says Roman. Isa’s in the jiff faction … and will go to hell for that. .\_/.

Q: Roman, what if god himself came down to you and told you it was pronounced as jiff?

A: I would say: “Thanks JOD for letting me know.”

Q: Why did you write a Q&A for this? Isn’t that kinda unnecessary?

A: Why are you reading it?

Q: Why are you answering my question with a question? Isn’t that impolite?

A: Yo mama’s impolite! Also: yo mama’s pulling catapults to Gondor!