Travel from Drake Bay to San José

In the morning we left Drake Bay on the 7:30 boat. The return trip was shorter, not bumpy at all and costs 15USD. When we approached Sierpe many drivers were shouting to offer us a ride to Palmar Norte. Sometimes they would claim that it is a collectivo…… one that costs 5USD per person. If you are short on cash, take the real collectivo for 350CRC (0,60USD). For this price you get an extremely crowded bus full of women and children. No joke, the noise level was intense and the ride took at least 40 minutes. And no one understands why there are so few buses running.

Next to the Sierpe bus stop there is a stone sphere.

And now, last long distance bus ride in this trip. LAST EVER. Seriously. Can’t take those buses anymore.

There are two types of buses going from Palmar Norte to San José, one through the coast, the other through the mountain. The bus schedule at the ticket booth looks quite complicated, so just let the ticket lady decide for you if you don’t have a preference. Ticket costs 6,105CRC or 12USD.

One of the three breaks during the 6h ride.

Our bus was the one through the mountain, it was okay compared with those crazy rides in Colombia. It was quite cold, though. After a good 6h15min, we arrived in San José, our last stop in this trip.

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